LaRouchies Storm Campus

Jackie Brubaker
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Cultural pessimism is pervasive among this generation; they have no sense of truth or mission. Many college-age youth do not even wear watches, as they have no sense of time. ? So says the Lyndon H. LaRouche Web site.

As I walked from the GCC parking lot I heard what seemed to be like a man yelling into a speakerphone. As I approached the bridge there he was, a man sitting on the bridge doing just that. He was yelling about how the educational system was pointless and that students? minds were being ?poisoned? with false information. I wasn?t sure if I should be afraid of what he was saying or believe that he was only trying to get his point across.

What came next was a swarm of very persistent people handing me flyers and telling me that I was stupid to not take one. Well, I finally did and when I looked down, it read ?The Electable LaRouche.?

Ah yes, the Lyndon H. LaRouche campaign. How could anyone be unfamiliar with this eternal presidential campaign? His groupies seem to make it impossible for you not to get riled up and throw their flyers back in their faces while they yell things like ?Education is wrong, you?re walking into darkness,? and my personal favorite: ?Getting a degree at GCC won?t prevent World War III.? As if the students were the enemy. So I began to wonder, who really is the enemy to LaRouche?

Most of the LaRouche followers are very dedicated to defending LaRouche by putting you, the student walking by, down. However, some of them were embarrassed, and shy, and less than enthusiastic about what they were yelling about.

When I talked with one of the followers, Dex Chacon, about what it was that LaRouche stood for, I got a less than precise answer to my question.

?There is a national urgency and a national threat of the economy collapsing,? said Chacon. ?LaRouche has warned that the present infrastructure of the U.S. is being destroyed. LaRouche is not against people at GCC but against the educational system as a whole, which is teaching the same economic system that is bringing a depression.?

I never received an answer to what LaRouche stands for, or even a hint of how they plan to fix these problems they mention.

Not only does LaRouche want to change our government, however, he also feels it is necessary to completely overhaul our educational system. As a student at GCC I find this very disturbing. Everyone attending GCC is attending because they want to. We?re all trying to get somewhere, whether it?s transferring to a university, or furthering a career, no one should be put down in any way for being a student and told that education is useless.

On his Web site on Sept. 11, a very emotional day for all of us, LaRouche said: ?There is cowardness in the white house, in the leadership of the parties, in general?Our government is like a man with a shotgun holding his family hostage.?

The comparison is crazy, especially on a day when nearly the whole country is mourning one of the most tragic events in American history.