Board Approves Budget

Keion Moradi
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Glendale Community College Board of Trustees approved the adoption of the 2002-2003 college budget on Aug. 26.

In this tight economic year for the state, Larry Serot, vice president of administrative services, depicted the proposed budget as “conservative – based on the governor?s May revision.”

Gov. Gray Davis – May revision claims to refrain from the disruption of California’s systems of higher education. However, cuts have been proposed for various state programs like school-university partnerships, the urban community-school collaborative, the community education and resource center, and grants in education.

The reduction of funding is a direct result of a decline in state revenues. The cause of decline is attributed to Sept. 11, rising energy costs, and the weakened stock market throughout 2001. Forty-five other states currently face budget deficits.

Despite the shortfall in state resources, California community colleges received an increase of 7.7 percent in all major categorical programs.

The budget allows for expansion in the following areas: student financial aid administration, teacher and reading development programs, disabled student programs and services, scheduled maintenance and special repairs, apprenticeship instruction, instructional equipment and library materials.

The GCC Board of Trustees approved the adoption of the 2002-2003 budget based on the probability that it would offer a balance each year. With the state threatened by a continuing deficit, the approval was made in order to better maintain existing programs and development at GCC.

The trustees were particularly concerned about future reductions in funding and were determined to set priorities and gauge needs beyond 2005.

With enrollment at GCC on the rise, there is increased need to upgrade and expand facilities.
The board admits they may have to do some budget cutting to certain programs, but this is still pending.

This story was printed on Page 2 of the Sept. 3 issue of El Vaquero.