Our View: Information vital

Do you know what happened Tuesday?

A small group of rebels stormed a foreign embassy in Germany.

The important thing to note is that it was Iraq’s embassy, and the group, known as the Democratic Iraqi Opposition of Germany, seeks the removal of Saddam Hussein from power – something they have in common with our current presidential administration.

Even though this is international news and happened across the world, it is something that could soon affect all of our lives. All summer, politicians in Washington have been discussing war with Iraq. Indiana Senator Evan Bayh calls it “inevitable.”

As is often the case with international news, yesterday passed and many students paid little attention to the developments in Germany. Often, students lack the time to pay attention to what is happening around the world.

Example: For about three years, a group of terrorists sat in Afghanistan plotting the downfall of America. The name of their leader, Osama bin Laden, was unknown to many Ball State students until Sept. 11, 2001. Today bin Laden is a household name.

Think about what you paid attention to last year before Sept. 11. Think about how closely you watched the news in the days that followed the attacks.

Do you pay that much attention anymore?

What we think of as insignificant can be the most important and pressing matter come tomorrow or the next day. Those who stay informed will be better equipped to deal with whatever surprises lay ahead. Read the newspaper, read the news online or watch it on television.

Just get the news somewhere and keep up to date. That’s the best thing the common person can do to help America through these treacherous times.

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