Bombing Iraq Is Not the Solution to Terrorist Threat

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The Signal Online and Staff Reports (The Signal Online)

In a world filled with questionable anti-terrorism crusades, it is easy to see how one more attack, terrorist related or not, could cause worldwide strife.

The aftermath of Sept. 11 catapulted a steady onset of missions against terrorist groups worldwide. Not only are certain specified terrorist groups in the bulls-eye of the United States military, but also countries that may be harboring weapons of mass destruction around the world.

The problem in question is not the fact that the United States are keeping tabs of the weapons in all countries, but why the attempts are pointing directly at Iraq and why high-ranking officials in the Bush administration continue to insinuate that war with Iraq is a foregone conclusion .

It is clear that there is a viable reason for the concern. Weapons inspectors have not been let inside the Iraqi border since 1997.

But the question remains: should Iraq be the only target of American armed forces outside Afghanistan?

The ongoing war between Palestine and Israel is a conflict that has caused considerable concern worldwide.

The ever-present threat of weapons of mass destruction has increased in the past years.but yet there are no talks in the Bush administration about attacks against nations like Palestine, for example.

It does not make sense to single out certain countries with which we have had problems in the past, while at the same time ignoring the nuclear capabilities of other nations, just because we have good relations with them. With several countries containing these weapons, many people will suffer if they are put to full use.

With confirmed knowledge of the weapons of mass destruction being present in other Middle Eastern countries it is hard to see why targets would be aimed directly to and only to Iraq. It is important to recognize that if we are to examine countries with questionable weapons of masss destruction, all countries must be examined.