Hot Shots!

-Mack Bates (The Leader)

Hot Shots! (1991, Rated PG-13, 85 minutes) available from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Stars: Charlie Sheen, Cary Elwes, Valeria Golino, Jon Cryer, Kevin Dunn, Bill Irwin, and Lloyd Bridges

Plot: Topper Harley (Sheen), a top gun fighter pilot, is recalled to serve on the SS Essess. Topper’s mission is to destroy Saddam Hussein’s nuclear plants. Unfortunately, Topper is psychologically imbalanced and is sure to crack under pressure.

Features: Widescreen presentation, “Making of an Important Movie” Featurette, and the Original Theatrical Trailer.

Final Word: The gang that created Airplane and The Naked Gun sets its sights on Top Gun in this often-hilarious spoof starring Charlie Sheen, who previously only inspired laughs with his personal life. Directed by Jim Abrahams, the film makes fun of a variety of other films as well, from Dances with Wolves to The Fabulous Baker Boys. Sheen is supported by a great supporting cast, led by the late-Bridges, as a commander who is both incredibly dim and delightfully accident prone, and the beautiful Golino as Sheen’s main squeeze, a woman with an unusually talented stomach.

Rating: 3.5 briefs (out of 5)

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