‘Earth Vs. The Spider’

Jon Braun
The Leader

Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Theresa Russell, Amelia Heinle, and Devon Gummersall

Plot: Quentin, a comic book nerd working as a security guard at a biotech research lab, witnesses his partner’s death. Grieving, Quentin injects himself with a top-secret drug created from the blood of a spider-and he slowly begins to transform into a spider-human hybrid bent on revenge.

Features: Choice of either Widescreen or Full Screen, a Making-Of Featurette, Web Links, a Photo Gallery, Theatrical Trailers, Dolby Digital 5.1 English audio, Dolby Surround 2.0 French audio, English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Korean/Thai/Chinese Subtitles.

Final Word: Another one in the Creature Features series, this campy send-up of 1950s horror/sci-fi movies far outshines How To Make A Monster, largely because its subject matter stays within the realm of non-computer-assisted beings. Stan Winston’s effects are much stronger within this film. As a DVD side note, the wide range of audio options here is great for opening up a new breed of films to non-English speaking audiences-thumbs up for that!

Rating: 3.5 briefs (out of 5)

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