Deuces Wild

-Mack Bates (The Leader)

Deuces Wild (2002, Rated R, 97 minutes) available from MGM Home Entertainment

Stars: Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk, Drea DeMatteo, Vincent Pastore, Frankie Muniz, Balthazar Getty, Norman Reedus, James Franco, and Matt Dillon

Plot: Set in 1950’s Brooklyn, two brothers, Leon (Dorff) and Bobby (Renfro) are members of “The Deuces”, a street gang. Their brother was killed by a drug overdose a few years earlier and the gang is determined to keep drugs off their block. “The Vipers”, a rival gang, try to bring drugs back into the neighborhood, triggering a bloody gang war.

Features: Choice of either Widescreen or Full Screen presentation, Audio Commentary by Director Scott Kalvert, and the Original Theatrical Trailer.

Final Word: This hackneyed throwback to greasers and rumbles steals everything and nothing from the classic gang films that came before it. A classic example of a film so laughably bad, it’s good by default.

Rating: 2 briefs (out of 5)

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