‘Zig Zag’

Mack Bates
(The Leader)

Stars: Sam Jones III, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Natasha Lyonne, Luke Goss, Sherman Augustus, Elizabeth Pena, and Wesley Snipes

Plot: A developmentally challenged teenager (Jones III) is forced to take drastic measures when his abusive father (Snipes), in debt, threatens to put him on the street if he can’t raise enough money to cover necessary expenses. When his actions trigger an investigation, the teen’s sole ally is Singer (Leguizamo), his protective Big Brother.

Features: Commentary by Writer/Director David Goyer, Director and Cast Filmographies, the Film’s Trailer, Bonus Trailers, and Widescreen presentation.

Final Word: Let’s get the obvious question out of the way–no, Sam Jones III is not related to Sam Jones of the classic 1980 film, Flash Gordon. In fact, Jones III is a talented African American actor who gives a haunting debut performance as the title character, so named by the character played by the equally compelling Leguizamo. The film is armed with great supporting turns by Platt as Zig’s verbally abusive boss, Lyonne as a hooker he befriends, Augustus as the investigator, and Snipes as Zig’s father. Why Zig Zag didn’t get a theatrical release is a mystery, considering it’s better than a lot of films that do.

?Rating: 3.5 briefs (out of 5)