Profile: Antonino Patti

Cyndi Kline
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Newly elected Associated Students of Glendale Community College President Antonino Patti enters his term hoping to give politics a cleaner, more honest image.

Although hesitant to run, Patti , 19, did so anyway and won 500 votes out of a total of 1,040.
“Although I don’t want to be considered a politician because of the corruption associated with them,” said Patti. “I wanted this office so I can make a difference.” He said that he does not have the desire for power or governing others; he just wants to help and improve Glendale Community College.

Patti’s first and foremost agenda is to ensure GCC students the opportunity to evaluate teachers and counselors. He wants students to “have more of a say.” Patti also will petition for longer library hours and improved cafeteria service.

Among the more honest politicians that Patti wishes to emulate is President Franklin D. Roosevelt, because of the “exemplary leadership style he used.”

Antonino’s heroes are not necessarily those who are rich and powerful, but people who exhibit loyalty and honesty.

“I admire those around me, such as my loved ones, friends and mentors,” said Patti.
Patti made posters, T-shirts and passed out about 7,000 flyers with the help of his girlfriend and mother.
“I owe them a lot and am honored that they helped me,” said Patti. “It was costly, around $250, but I had saved up and it was worth it.”

Patti said he enjoyed the campaign, although it was sometimes tiring. He moved up from the position of senator of finance, and the move is ambitious, but one that is often taken within the ASGCC.

Patti, who spent two years in Italy and held a class representative’s position at his high school there said, “I am looking forward to taking the office of president.” He feels he will be capable and dependable.

Patti plans to transfer to UCLA to study economics and eventually become a college professor. Patti said he would not be interested in pursuing a career in politics, but he looks forward to serving GCC.