Patti Elected President in ASGCC Elections

Cyndi Kline
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Antonino Patti was elected president of the Associated Students of Glendale Community College in the May 21 and 22 elections. Patti garnered 500 votes against opponent Tade Hartoonian, who received 248 votes. Ronny Hovanessian received 240 votes. Shant Uhanian received 525 votes and was elected vice president of administration. Hasmik Geghayan who received 397 votes opposed him.

“The most important thing I will strive for is to give each student the opportunity to evaluate all their teachers and counselors. I spoke to students about this, and it is, in my opinion, a necessity. It will basically open doors to collegiate success. Teachers who have tenure get few evaluations,” said Patti.

ASGCC is the student-faculty link, and Patti feels this must be addressed. He said that a “stronger representation of student’s needs and issues be brought to light. When these qualities rise to a higher level, student’s goals will be more attainable. I will also do my best on the issue of student funding,” he said.
“I intend to work toward a strong and efficient ASGCC legislature. My aim is to solve the parking dilemma at GCC, which is considerable. We need to open a way for better parking facilities,” he said.

Turnout this year was decidedly better. Last year only 539 voted, whereas 1,172 ballots were cast this year. There are 17,000 registered GCC students as opposed to last year’s 15,000.

The elected vice presidents are: Shant Uhanian for administration, Roxana Cecilia Dawidowski for finance, Connie Navasartian for campus activities, Sarkis Nazaryan for campus activities and Soseh Keshishyan for campus organizations.

The elected senators are: Vanessa Zapien, Sion Arakelian and Arthur Petrousian for finance; Ana Panossian, Liana Shahijani and Hala Shamas for campus activities; Syed Ali (Ricky) and Jessica Andrew and Saro Ayvazian for campus relations; and Robert Novshadyan, Shalani Ramos and Diana Sogomonyan for campus organizations.

Patti also intends to take steps to improve the quality of cafeteria and food service while keeping it cost efficient for GCC.