Letters to the Editor: “Vagina Monologues”

Although women have actively participated in every aspect of history, you wouldn?t know it by looking at most history books or the world around you for that matter. That is why we have Women?s History Month. During this month, we
celebrate every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality.

Mr. Demirjian wonders where Men’s History Month is, and the answer is EVERY month is men’s month. Western heterosexual male sexuality is celebrated every time I go to a liquor store and have to walk by a barrage of ?men?s magazines? such as
Playboy and Hustler.

Male academia is celebrated every time I go to the library to do research: more men get published than women. Male sports always make the front page, women?s sports reside in the back pages if at all. Male architecture has literally dominated our streets, schools and homes. Even when examining the English language, it is impossible to speak or write of ?females? or ?women? without having the words “male” and ?men? attached to it.

Maybe that?s the reason why the United Womyn?s Council choose a new spelling for the word and maybe Mr. Demirjian is right, it SHOULD be taken seriously and thought about.

Unfortunately, thinking is not something Mr. Demirjian has the capacity to do at any length.
Instead, he has missed every point entirely.

The violence, for example, that the play most wants to address is DOMESTIC violence, which exists independent of any ?socio-political-economic-cultural factors?, unlike Mr. Demirjian would want us to believe. As much as he wants women to ?stay home,? as he so eloquently suggests at the end of his rant, he and men everywhere are going to have to deal with the fact that women will no longer stand around and let
ourselves be defined by men. I would love to hear what other women and men think about the subject. In the meantime, I?ll be changing my own flat tires and killing my own spiders. We?re good for that too, you know.

? Aura Bogado