Campus Round-Up


“It’s the biggest pain to come to school and have to wait 20-30 minutes just to find a parking spot and we have to pay over $40.00 for a parking permit.”

– Jesse Soto, 20,

physical anthropology

“I wait 45 minutes to park on the other side of Glendale, not even near the school, whether it’s morning or night.

– Mary Sarafyan, 20,


International Tuition Costs

“As an international student I am charged $130.00 per unit. Just because I’m not from this country doesn’t mean they school should squeeze me for every dollar that I have.”

– Anonymous


“There needs to be more support for our sports, this school needs cheerleaders and a band to motivate the teams.”

– Marvin Martinez, 20,

Loading Zone

“The 3 minute loading zone in the front of the school is ridiculous. If my mom is waiting for me for more then three minutes, the patrol cars are already hounding her.”

– Karina Gutierrez, 18,


Resting Areas

“There should be more sitting places around the campus.”

– Vicky Ghazarian, 19,



“The counselors don’t seem like they’re really interested in helping us students.”

– Mo Argutea, 21,


Food Selection

“There’s not enough food selection at this school.”

– Tzoler Oukaya, 18,

liberal studies

“Our cafeteria should have more variety, a pizza place or a hamburger would be good.”

– Shabnam Salehi, 19,