Board of Trustees Tackles Cuts, Changes

Nairi Chopurian
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Board of Trustees of Glendale Community College reviewed the budget decisions they were forced to make, as a result of cutbacks, during the meeting held on Monday, May 20.

The sweat and blood students put into Lobby Day, April 29, in their efforts to fight for campus program funds, proved to be a fruitful endeavor, said Associated Students President Dan Wengert. The 20 GCC students sent to Sacramento persuaded the government to concede the restoration of funds for CalWORKs, a program succoring welfare students, and helping them get back on their feet.

More good news pertaining to GCC budget issues was brought up by board-member Robert K. Holmes. The Glendale Community Foundation will be presenting a donation of $15,000 to GCC in the May 31 groundbreaking ceremony officially kicking off the construction of the Cimmarusti Science Center.
Holmes mentioned the outstanding “total compliance” assessment GCC’s Child Development Center received by the California Department of Education. He delivered more good news with the announcement of GCC’s startling 45 percent acceptance rate into UC Berkeley compared to the modest 28 percent nationwide average.
Bad news was set to follow good, and the subject was as usual, money. Because the budget cuts have

been so drastic the college was forced to dispense of its Fashion Design and Cosmetology courses, offered through a contract with Moro Beauty College. In response to Dr. Armine Hacopian’s question regarding those impacted by the cutback of the fashion design courses, Holmes specified that arrangements will be made facilitating the transfer of those units to PCC.

Administrators are now considering “block schedules” for the 2002-2003 school year. As proposed, school days would be in 12 uniform time blocks for all classes. The length and number of class offerings and school sessions would also change.

The adjustments may come in the elimination of one summer session. Monetarily speaking, it will be more efficient, said ASGCC president Dan Wengert, especially since more students enrolled in this year’s winter session than either of the previous summer sessions.

At a sobering moment, the board voted to approve the expulsion of one student from GCC. Schlossman kept mute on most details of the student’s violation, only saying that the student was involved in a dispute on a campus parking lot.

“Students need to understand there are consequences to their behavior,” said Schlossman.
Ending on a happier note, resolutions 38-41 were adopted, including the annual recognition of “Classified Employees Week,” and the acceptance of an AmeriCorps grant for the 2001-2002 fiscal year.

With great enthusiasm, the board congratulated Wengert for his acceptance to the University of Southern California. Wengert also added that he had received the USC Presidential Scholarship, which will be covering half his yearly tuition.

The fiscal year ends on June 30, and the next board meeting is scheduled for June 24, when Wengert will informally introduce the winner of this year’s AS presidential race, current Senator of Finance, Antonino Patii.