Construction of New GCC Cimmarusti Science Center Proceeding on Schedule

Tania Chatila
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Construction of the Cimmarusti Science Center, expected to be completed by Aug. 2003, is running on schedule, according to Bill Taylor, vice president of business services.

The college, alongside overseer Lundgren Management, has awarded contracts to 13 trade contractors. This new approach to construction involves the work of several separate contractors in the fields of electricity, water and power, carpentry and other trades, all of which work under a management team. According to Taylor, this approach “cuts out the middle man” and allows Glendale Community College to have more control over construction as well as save money.

Currently, contractors are finishing the demolition of the Physics and Biology building, putting in concrete for the north building and excavating the south building. The north building is expected to be completed by December, while the remodeling of the PB building is expected to be completed by winter 2003.

According to Taylor, upon finishing the PB building, students and classes in the Chemistry and Math building will be redirected to the PB for instruction. At that time, the CM building will undergo construction, expected to be complete by summer 2003.

Thus far, about $250,000 of the estimated $13 million project has been used, said Taylor.
“We are right on schedule,” said Taylor. “We’ve had a few setbacks, like the gas leak, but nothing major.”

With the passing of Measure G, an expected $6.5 million will go toward the science center project, according to Larry Serot, vice president of administrative services.
Funds are also expected to be approved by the Citizen’s Oversight Committee, according to Taylor.