ASGCC Holds Open House for Candidates

Ani Asatryan
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Associated Students of Glendale College hosted their first open house on Wednesday at the J.W. Smith Student Center as an opportunity to familiarize faculty, staff and students with the A.S. and to promote the upcoming elections.

“We did this to tell the outside students body and faculty and staff who we are and what we do,” said Tade Hartoonian, A.S. vice president of administration. “It also helps to promote the elections.”

The open house, which started at noon, greeted more than 200 guests. Faculty, staff and students all attended, as members of the A.S. gave tours of the facilities and explained the various duties of A.S. officials. A complimentary buffet lunch also was served.

“It looked pretty successful to me,” said Dan Wengert, president of the A.S. “I’m totally for it becoming an annual event.”

Petitioning for the elections, which started on Monday, will be finalized today after 3 p.m. Prospective candidates must have signatures of 100 students as well as meet other requirements set by the A.S.
“It’s a type of recruitment,” said Jean Schindler, vice president of campus relations. “It’s a chance for people to know what they’re getting into before the jump into it.”

The open house served its purpose in educating people about the A.S. and recruiting members for the elections. Students Michelle Black, who stopped by simply for the sake of visiting, ended up signing up to run for a position on the A.S.

“I was somewhat interested, but I kind of wanted to know more about the A.S.,” said Black. “In some places, it’s more like a job, but the people here are really friendly.”
Campaigning for the elections will start on Monday and continue until May 22. Elections will be held on May 21 and 22.

A final list of candidates will be available today after 3 pm. Until then, students are more than welcome to sign up and run for available positions with the A.S.

For more information about the A.S. and available positions, visit or call their conference room at Ext. 5738.