Campus Round-Up

Smoked Out

“Smoking. Everywhere I go there is smoking. I walk around campus, and there’s smoking. There should be a smoking area or section.”
– Anonymous

“The everyday cigarette smoking. You know, second-hand smoke kills.”
– Carlos Coronado, Accounting

“There’s too much smoking going on. I don’t smoke and I don’t care for cigarette smoke. There should be a section, like there are in restaurants.”
– Mike Grimes, Undecided

The Hills Above

“The hills to get to the upper parking lot are a problem. They’re too big. You have to work out before you even get to the food court. And it’s hard to get back up.”
– Antoine Young, Undecided


“Parking. There’s no place to ever park. It’s not fair when we [students] try to look for a space, but then we end up being late for class.”
-Jason Karch, Biology

“The parking, especially in the first week. They always give tickets at that time because of no parking. Also, the nursing program needs to become available for people whose major that is.”
– Veronica Goaga, Nursing

Book Returns

“What I don’t like is how students can’t return their books after a certain date, so if you forget or can’t sell back your books at that time, you’re stuck with them.”
– Ramall Goodrich, Business Administration


“Sometimes it’s too much for new students to handle college life and classes and they are always full, so they need to make more classes. I wish there was earlier registration for international students.
-Ramall Goodrich, Business Administration

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