New Student Officers Elected for Spring

Jennifer Carno
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The 831 ballots cast in last week’s ASGCC election represented “the most voter turnout in five semesters for these candidate races,” said AS President Dan Wengert.

In the election for spring officers Ronny Hovanessian was re-elected vice president of campus activities and Jean Schindler was re-elected as vice president of Campus Relations. Tade Hartoonian and James Demerjian are the newly-elected vice president of Administration and vice president of campus organizations, respectively.

“It was a hard competition,” said Hartoonian. “I made 23 class visits and did a lot of campaigning.”
Hartoonian wants to set up booths on campus and connect with the students more. “We represent [them] and [they] should know who we are,” he said. “I want people to know who I am and talk to me. I want [them] to let us know their concerns. [ASGCC] represents the students and that is the ultimate goal. I owe this organization a lot and I want to pay them back.”

Second-year student Jessica Andrew is the newly elected senator of campus relations. “This is my first time in AS,” said Andrew. “I worked very hard and won.” When asked about what she intends to do in her new position, she said “I want to open up the lines of communication between all clubs on campus.” She will also be involved with the AS newsletter.

“I plan to organize fund-raisers,” said Anush Yezadzhyan, the newly-elected senator of campus organizations. “I am here to guide the clubs on campus. I want to make it easier for the clubs to get involved. I don’t want them to be intimidated.”

Robert Novshadyan was very involved in school organizations in Russia, and will bring that experience to AS as the senator of campus activities. “I have a lot of plans,” said Novshadyan. “I want to have new cultural events. [For example] to promote diversity I want to have a Russian folkloric dance [show].”