Letters to the Editor (Oct. 12)

Rude Awakening

Devastation throbs my tears out of my eyes, but
We have changed as a nation. This is a rude awakening;
No more, I don’t give a damn for who I may be, for our
Freedoms have just greatened. Turn off the terror on TV.
Turn off the radio and take a step back.
See the truth, we are a nation-we are a people of unity.
We despair like sheep walking together. The heavy disheartened sheep
Making their paths to the slaughterhouse
But we will change that image
Culminating from a nation of sheep to herders.
Take your staff and grow a greater knowledge of one another.
God bless this country we call ourselves.

Karla Urquidez,
Class of 2004, Aliso Viejo High
(Neice of Pat Bradley, GCC)