Former ASGCC President Returns as Staff Member

Jennifer Bernardo
El Vaquero Editor-in-Chief

Former Glendale College student Alen Andriassian has returned to campus to join the staff as student activities coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs. Andriassian also served as ASGCC president from 1998 to 1999.

“I loved attending GCC,” said Andriassian.”I made life-long friends here and I really enjoyed being part of the student government.”

Andriassian graduated from GCC in 1999 and transferred to Loyola Marymount University to pursue a degree in business administration. He said that despite of his degree, he realized that he did not want to work for a corporation. He said that he felt fortunate when he heard about the position opening when former Student Activities Coordinator Stephanie Paternostro left to pursue law school.

As student activities coordinator, Andriassian will be the staff advisor to the ASGCC legislature, will oversee student clubs and student leadership programs and coordinate campus activities. He said that he plans to get more students involved in the student government. He added that he will make it his personal responsibility to promote more awareness in the student body when it comes to what ASGCC can do for them. Andriassian said that he plans to promote student involvement by working with instructors so that he will be able to come in to classes and speak to students.

“There are so many things that you can learn from the people you are exposed to, and not just people in the organization,” said Andriassian.

“Being in the student government draws out the strength that is in you already.”

ASGCC needs the student body’s input in order to assist them in receiving the services needed, Andriassian said. Suggestion boxes will be placed in strategic places around campus, he said, and students who leave their phone numbers and/or address will get a reply from the legislature to let them know that their concerns are being addressed.

“I’m still trying to formulate clever ways on how to let students know that we are here and what services we provide,” said Andriassian.

Filling Paternostro’s shoes was a not daunting challenge, Andriassian said. He said that he feels that he is there to continue the good work that Paternostro has already done.

“Stephanie was very organized,” he said. “It helps to come in to an office and be able to find where everything is supposed to be.”

Andriassian is currently assisting in coordinating Club Week that runs through Sept. 21. Students interested in starting a club need to turn in a completed registration form as well as their club’s constitution. For more information, call the ASGCC office at Ext. 3033.