Police Report for May 11, 2001

El Vaquero Staff Writer

During a semester relatively free of major crime, more serious incidents arose near the end of the semester.

A shooting on the street outside the Adult Community Training Center was reported in April, and during the past week there was an incident of public intoxication and several accounts of theft on campus.

A man was shot in the leg while walking just outside the Adult Community Training Center on April 14. The ACTC campus was closed and the gates were locked for the night. Campus Police were not present. The man continued walking to his home where he called the police.

The Glendale Police responded to his call. However, the perpetrator was not found. The shooting could be gang related.

A student was arrested on May 8 and 9 for public intoxication. The student was on the first floor of the Administration Building both times. According to reports, the student was being disruptive and yelling at workers on May 8. Campus Police were called to the scene and arrested the student. Glendale Police transported the student to jail, and he was released that day.

The student returned to school intoxicated the next day. He was arrested again and removed from campus. Campus Police filed a report with the district attorney and the dean. The student will not be permitted to be on campus for 14 days. “We’ve withdrawn consent for him to be on campus,” said Police Specialist Nidal Kobaissi.

A purse was stolen from a classroom in the CM trailers on May 9. A student left her purse unattended in a classroom. According to witnesses, two males entered the room and took the purse. The police were called and given descriptions of the perpetrators. However, the search was unsuccessful. “We couldn’t locate them,” said Kobaissi.

There was a report of grand theft on April 19. A student left personal belongings, including a laptop computer, two folders and a book bag, outside the Auditorium when he left to talk with a friend. When the student returned, his belongings, worth $600, were gone. Campus Police were called, but the perpetrator was not found.

The police will check the lost and found and check the computer’s serial number in their database of stolen items, but it is unlikely that the items will be retrieved. “There’s not much you can do,” said Kobaissi. “Don’t leave your stuff unattended.”

There was a report of petty theft in the men’s locker room on April 17. A student placed his personal belongings in a locker and secured it with a lock that was issued to him by the school. When the student returned to the locker, the lock was missing along with $25 that was in the locker. The money was not recovered.

According to police, relatively few criminal incidents have been reported since the beginning of the semester. “This semester there was a lot more activity, but the crime level isn’t high,” said Kobaissi. He claims that the school has been better equipped to deal with problems after one officer and four cadets were added to the police force this year. “If you have adequate staffing, you can handle situations better,” he said.

Campus Police look forward to a fairly quiet end of the semester. “People get really focused before finals,” said Kobaissi. “Crime dies down a lot.” After finals, the campus is largely deserted until summer session.