Profile on Tade Hartoonian

Compiled by El Vaquero

Name: Tade Hartoonian

Age: 19

Major: Political Science

GPA: 2.8

Previous experience:

Representative at Large for Administration and Senator of Administration

What is your main motivation for running?

The Associated Students left a good impression on me and I’d like to carry through with it.

What will you do to get more students involved?

We can get students more involved through the events that we already have. I have an idea of setting up a booth that can offer information to students about all organizations on campus. I think that would work, but I can’t make students get involved in the school if they don’t want to.

What do you think is the main role of the student government here? What should it be?

The main role of the student government is to work with students and make sure their concerns are heard. Currently, ASGCC is on the right path, but we need to continue.

How do you feel about criticism that ASGCC is nothing more than a popularity contest or resume booster?

I can understand how a student can feel that way because they do not know about what is going on. However, it is sad if that is what student government has been reduced to. Students would not get to meetings at 7 a.m. just to put it on a resume.

What do you like most about GCC? What is the least?

I like the fact that I feel welcomed. I like that it provides numerous student services that benefit them.

What is your motto?

I always strive to reach the higher point.

Who are your role models/heroes? Why?

My mother always inspired me to never give up. She’s always there for me and has taught me a lot about life.

What is one quality about yourself that you like and others do not appreciate?

I’m a go-getter. Some of my friends say that I’m crazy for trying to be involved, but it makes me who I am and makes my goals a reality.