Profile on Daniel Delano Wengert

Compiled by El Vaquero

Name: Daniel Delano Wengert

Age: 23

Major: Business Administration

GPA: 3.87

Previous experience:

ASGCC Senator of Finance, Scholars Program Vice President of Finance

What is your main motivation for running?

To change the face of the student government as it pertains to working for the students.

What will you do to get more students involved?

One of the biggest things we need is more diversity with cultural events. It would be nice to see other cultures represented on campus.

What do you think is the main role of the student government here? What should it be?

Right now, I see that some of the officers basically don’t disagree on anything. I feel student government should discuss how an issue benefits the student body before voting.

How do you feel about criticism that ASGCC is nothing more than a popularity contest or resume booster?

I agree with these students that feel this way. I first was involved in student government for a resume booster, but once got involved I saw change was needed and it should start with me.

What do you like most about GCC? What is the least?

I like the quality of teachers that I have the most. I dislike the lack of support given to athletic teams by both faculty and students.

What is your motto?

You should live everyday as if it is your last.

Who are your role models/ heroes? Why?

My parents. They had six kids and had to persevere through many trials and tribulations. Through it all, they never wavered in their faith or their commitment to raising a decent moral family.

What is one quality about yourself that you like and others do not appreciate?

I say what I think without regard of the consequences. Each officers’ point of view is that of approximately 600 students on campus. If one officer does not say what they think, 600 students are not saying what they think.