Police Report for April 27, 2001

Jamie Littlefield
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The campus remained fairly calm this month as the administration settled matters regarding a fight that occurred earlier in the semester.

The Board of Trustees voted to expel two students April 16. The students were involved in two related physical confrontations Feb. 16. One student was cited and released by police after striking another student in front of the auditorium.

The other student, a friend of the first, apparently pushed a different student later that day. The police came to the scene but no legal action was taken against the student.

The Campus Judicial Board, which generally consists of two students, two faculty members, an administrator, and a classified employee, held a hearing March 26 to review the incidents. The Judicial Board decided that the students’ actions warranted expulsion from the college, and sent their recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

“The college has a no tolerance provision for violence on campus,” said Jessica Gillooly, the chair of the Judicial Board.

The Board of Trustees followed the Judicial Board’s recommendation and the students were expelled. The students may never enroll in GCC classes again. However, the expulsion will not be documented on their transcripts.

On April 12, two clay pots were stolen from the lobby of the Los Robles building. They have not been returned.

A hit-and-run incident was reported in the B/C Lot on April 10. An individual hit a parked car and then fled the scene without leaving a note. The perpetrator was not apprehended.

Campus Police from the Adult Community Training Center arrested an individual for vandalism April 9. The perpetrator was spray painting city property on the corner of Adams and Garfield. The Glendale Police Department was called to the scene and transported the individual to the police station.

A minor at the Adult Community Training Center was arrested and released for possession of tobacco April 9. According to Police Specialist Nidal Kobaissi, minors are easy to spot on that campus because they attend special classes and have different breaks. If necessary, police may use a student’s ID number to find out the student’s age, but it’s generally easy for the police to tell. “You just know,” said Kobaissi. The minor will be required to appear in court with his or her parents.

A purse was stolen from a bathroom in the Sierra Madre Building on April 4. A student set it down and forgot to retrieve it when she left. When she returned, it was missing.