ASGCC Allocates Funds for Next Year’s Budget

Wendi L. Vaughn
El Vaquero Staff Writer

As the school year winds down, ASGCC remains busy allocating money for next year’s line item budget, end-of-the-year events, and awards.

The Finance Committee brought the budget application recommendations to the table for final discussion and approval.

Some of the applications that have been approved include: the women’s basketball team, $3,600; Campus Project Support for fall and spring, $35,000; Men’s Track and Field, $4,050; and the Women’s Track and Field, $2,500.

The remainder of the applications will be approved during the next student government meeting, Tuesday.

The student council also decided to open a new account for the annual Honors and Awards Banquet held at the end of each school year for students who received scholarships and their families. This year, $4,178 was allocated to help pay for food, decorations, and any other expenses entailed in putting on this function.

The banquet will be held at Castaways in Burbank, May 24 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 for GCC students and faculty and $30 for those not affiliated with the college. The tickets will be available April 30 in the bookstore business office.

The council also approved $132.84 for a plaque for head Basketball coach Brian Beauchemin, who has won 400 games in the last 22 years for GCC.

“It’s a pretty big accomplishment for coach Beauchemin,” said ASGCC President Victor Castellanos. “He deserves this plaque for all of his hard work.”

The Campus Organizations Committee proposed the Inter-Organizational Council Most Outstanding Club Award. Basically the committee felt that the most outstanding of all the clubs should have a plaque to honor their hard work and achievements. They approved $425 for the award.

This year the Association of Latin American Students, Armenian Student Association, United Womyn’s Council and the Alpha Gamma Sigma clubs have been nominated for the award. The clubs have been asked to prepare small presentations for their clubs to present at the next IOC meeting.

Eugene Gonzalez, vice president of activities, received a scholarship from the California Community College Student Affairs Association for his exceptional leadership skills. He was one of eight winners throughout California.

Tonya Grigorian, representative at large for campus organizations, addressed the problem of graffiti in the bathrooms on campus. “I’m waiting outside with a knife” is a message found in the first-floor women’s bathroom in the San Rafael Building, along with another message stating, “We will all die.”

Also, in the second-floor men’s room of San Rafael Building, there were derogatory comments about Armenians and blacks.

“This issue should have been handled in high school,” said Grigorian. “Now it’s our problem and we need help from students, governance committees, and faculty.”

Grigorian sent out information to many of the faculty about the graffiti issue. She feels that getting the faculty to talk about the vandalism in class will help make the students more aware and help diffuse the problem.