Police Report For April 13, 2001

Jamie Littlefield

Three crime incidents have been reported since the end of spring break including vandalism, disruption of the peace, and petty theft.

A car was vandalized in Lot B on April 3. The police received a phone call at approximately 3:30 p.m. by someone who noticed the vandalized car in the parking lot. The car’s exterior was damaged by scratches and spray paint. Two tires were punctured.

“This is probably the first time in many years that we’ve had a car vandalized on campus to this extent,” said Police Specialist Nidal Kobaissi.

The owner of the car was still in class during the vandalism, and was later notified by police. No one has been arrested at this time. “We’re still trying to find out more information,” said Kobaissi.

If there is assessed to be enough damage, police may take fingerprints from the vehicle and will then work with Glendale Police Department’s crime analysis unit to check data bases for matching fingerprints.

In the meantime, campus police are taking precautions to assure that the crime is not repeated. “We will keep an eye on that car to make sure people stay away from it,” said Kobaissi.

Another vandalism incident on April 2 resulted in two students being apprehended for marking on a concrete bench in the San Gabriel Plaza. The police received a phone call notifying them of the situation and they referred the students to the dean for discipline.

On March 27, a petty theft was reported. A student left a backpack between the San Gabriel Building and the Chemistry Math Building when making a purchase at the vending machines. When the student returned, the backpack had been taken. The loss included books valued at $160 and personal belongings.

Many in the police department feel that the electric bike they will now be using should help deter campus crime. In March, ASGCC allotted $2,500 through Campus Programs Support to purchase the bike. Kobaissi claims that the new bike will make travel across the hilly campus easier. “We’re probably going to be able to get to the situations a lot faster,” he said.