Police Report For March 30, 2001

Jamie Littlefield

Several minor crimes were reported just prior to spring break this month.

A leather wallet was reported stolen from the South Gym on March 1 by a student who had left it in a locker. After using the gym, he found the locker broken into, and the wallet missing. It contained $70. Police were called, but the wallet was not retrieved.

Students using lockers in the school gyms must use the locks provided by the P.E. department. They are not permitted to bring locks from home, but they can use high-security locks purchased from the bookstore.

On March 2, a handbag was reported stolen from a classroom. A student had set her bag on the floor during a class and forgot to take it with her or to retrieve it after class. When she returned later in the day, it was gone. The police took a report, but the bag has not been found.

“If it comes up as a lost-and-found item, we can get a hold of her,” said Police Specialist Nidal Kobaissi. Campus police control the lost-and-found program. When students report items as missing, police first check to see if the missing item has shown up in lost-and-found. After 90 days, lost-and-found items may be auctioned off. All proceeds from the auctions go to scholarship funds. The items currently in the lost-and-found will soon be auctioned off. “We’ll probably have one within the next month or so,” said Kobaissi.

Police were called in to handle a trespassing incident at the Adult Community Training Center on March 8. A student was asked to leave the campus after being disruptive in a classroom. When the student returned, campus police were notified. The student received a warning, which will be handled through the campus judicial process.

Also on March 8, a student was asked to leave the library when he entered with a coffee mug (food and drink are not permitted in the library). When the student told a staff member that the mug was empty, he was asked to put it in his backpack. After the student failed to consent, the staff member called the police who came to the scene to settle the matter.

Minors at the Adult Community Training Center were cited for the possession of tobacco products on March 8 and 15. In both instances, the minors received citations from police. They will be required to appear in juvenile court with their parents.

The campus remained busy during spring break. “A lot of people came,” said Kobaissi. “It’s almost like a park.” However, police maintained a presence, and no new incidents were reported.