Food Cart Continues to Close Early Despite Complaints

Some students have registered complaints over the short hours of the food cart in San Gabriel Plaza, Campus Cuisine. There had been speculation that with the arrival of better weather, that the hours would be extended, but that now seems unlikely.

The food cart was previously open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m on weekdays, but is now open only until 2 p.m. The reason for limiting the hours is that “the budget isn’t covered for afternoon employees,” said cafeteria staff member Erendida Zavala.

As a result of the decreased hours, business has increased at the cafeteria.

“Business has definitely gone down [at the cart] since the hours changed,” said Zavala. When asked if Food Services nt has received complaints, Zavala said, “In the beginning yes, but not a lot. People come to Ortega, CJ’s, and Subway.”

Among the students who are unhappy with the shorter hours for the food cart are those who have later classes that aren’t near the cafeteria.

“On days when I stay past 2 and I’m hungry, it really sucks,” said Ben Ciotti.

“I feel they should definitely be open [during later hours]” said Kiju Kim. “As consumers, we deserve more respect.”

On the other hand, Ciotti said he understands the rationale behind the change. “If they figure they are not going to make enough money if they stay past 2 p.m., then it’s their choice. It’s capitalism.”

As of now, the future hours of Campus Cuisine are not certain, but Zavala has indicated that the hours will definitely be extended during the summer.