Police Report for March 2, 2001

Jamie Littlefield

“The campus remained fairly quiet throughout February until two fights and a drunk driving accident were reported near the end of the month.

There was a confrontation between two students on Feb. 26. Apparently, one student struck another student outside the Auditorium Building. The student who was hit went back into the classroom and explained what had happened to the instructor. The instructor then called campus police who rushed to the scene. The Glendale Police Department was called as backup to keep the situation under control.

The injured student received medical attention at the Heath Center. The student who struck him was cited and released. Campus police will forward their report to the district attorney’s office. Students who are involved in criminal incidents such as this are also reported to the school. “They are put through the judicial system on campus and the regular judicial system,” said Police Specialist Nidal Kobaissi.

It is still unclear how the fight started. “We’re still trying to figure out why,” said Kobaissi. “There’s a lot of stories that have to be sorted out.” Students are continuing to come forward and share their sides of the story with campus police.

Later in the day, there was a verbal confrontation in the San Rafael Plaza. Campus police report that friends of the student who was hit confronted the student who had hit him. Police were called to the scene and stopped the confrontation. None of the individuals involved were arrested.

A drunk driving accident was reported in Lot 32 on Feb. 23. The suspect, who is not involved with the school, drove into a fence. Campus police were called to assist. Most students had already gone home for the weekend, so there were few cars in the parking lot. The driver was arrested and there were no serious injuries.

Earlier in the month, on Feb. 7, a petty theft was reported from the Facilities Building. Apparently, someone came by and stole painting tools that were lying in the open. The value of the stolen objects was less than $10, and the perpetrator was not apprehended.

On Feb. 8, a second petty theft was reported from the San Rafael Building. A student had forgotten a wallet in the basket underneath a classroom desk. When the student returned to retrieve the wallet, it was gone. The wallet didn’t contain any money, but did hold the student’s credit cards and identification.

There was a report of vandalism near the Sierra Madre Building, also on Feb. 8, when someone wrote large initials into wet cement. “We just took the report from the contractor,” said Kobaissi. “The contractor had to do it over again.”