ASGCC Focuses on Safety, Upcoming Events

Wendi L. Vaughn

A reported gun incident at the Adult Community Training Center turned Tuesday’s ASGCC meeting toward concerns over safety at that center and on the main GCC campus.

TadÇ Hartoonian, senator of administration, reported on the campus safety issues after attending a meeting with the campus safety committee.

“The meeting was actually interesting,” said Hartoonian, who reported on the incident at the Garfield Avenue campus.

According to Hartoonian’s report, a gang-affiliated Adult Community Training Center student was arrested for bringing a gun to campus. He brought attention to himself when he tried to get another student from an opposing gang to meet him outside a classroom.

Police cadets asked the student standing outside what the problem was. They then frisked him and found the gun.

The police arrested the student for possessing a firearm on school property.

Another issue of concern is the malfunction of the panic buttons in the health building and at the information desk on the GCC campus. The buttons send a direct signal to the campus police.

“Currently, an alarm system is being installed,” said Nidal Kobaissi, a police specialist. “The panic buttons are connected to the system and when it’s down, the buttons don’t work. But the buttons do work.”

Hartoonian also reported that parking and other outside lights are turned off at night to save money.

“This was proposed by Robert Holmes and other members of the board of trustees,” said Hartoonian.

Many students are against the lights being turned off because the increased threat of crime. They have also said they feel safer with more lights.

“We’re recommending that the lights stay on,” said Kobaissi. “It makes it a lot safer.”

The steep dirt hill near the gym buildings has also raised safety concerns because some students walk down the hill rather than using the ramp.

A number of ASGCC members said that walking down the ramp takes too long and suggested that stairs should be constructed to go over the hill.

Also discussed at the meeting was the Valentine’s Day song request event.

“Despite the rainy weather, there was a nice crowd,” said Karen Badal, a representative at large for administration. “The people there had a good time and were even dancing.”

The committee is also sponsoring a Mardi Gras celebration on Feb. 27. Red beans and rice will be served and a Caribbean band will provide entertainment. ASGCC has approved a budget of $900 for the event.

For Black History Month, Randy St. Martin is coming to GCC Tuesday to perform a one-man show. It will be at noon in Kreider Hall.

There will be tours of USC and Cal Poly Pomona this month and next. The USC tour will be on Feb. 23 from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is available to 52 students. The Cal Poly tour will be on March 2 and is available to 56 students.

Contact Sarkis Ghazarian in the Transfer Center on the second floor of the San Rafael building for more information.

It was also reported that the Scholars Program is raising its GPA requirement from 3.0 to 3.5. Program director Gary Massion reported this change.