Student Center Offers Meeting Ground for Campus Clubs

Michael J. Arvizu

Housed in the long-awaited new J.W. Smith Student Center above the freshly planted Plaza Vaquero are a number of student services, including the Scholarship Office, Student Affairs, and the Associated Students of Glendale Community College.

Many students used ASGCC-staffed tables in and around the center to find their way around campus the first weeks of the semester.

The centralized location will enable campus clubs to operate more efficiently, with each club assigned a space in the center.

“They [GCC clubs] had no place to meet before,” said Stephanie Paternostro, Director of Student Activities. Before the construction of the Smith campus center clubs met in classrooms, and there was no central place to contact them. “It [the student center] makes it easier for the clubs to interact with the new student government.”

Club plans include bringing more activities, including guest lecturers, to campus. “We would like to get more than just disk jockeys and bands,” said Paternostro. “Having all the clubs brainstorming for activities, we could get a wider variety of activities that even the faculty would like to take part in.”

Campus clubs should be fully integrated into the campus center in about a month.

Along with student affairs and ASGCC, the scholarship office has also moved in to the student center. In the more visible location, the scholarship office expects more students to use its services.

Scholarship coordinator Angela Battaglia can be reached by phone at Ext. 5591.