ASGCC Begins Spring Semester in High Gear

Wendi Vaughn

ASGCC kicked off the 2001 Spring semester Tuesday with plans for new events and committees and with the introduction of six new members.

The Administration Committee, headed by Izabella Babayan,Vice President of Administration is developing the governance committees, which are groups that make decisions regarding school policies. Included on these governance committees are faculty, administration, classified staff, and students.

The campus finance committee, led by Susie Acevedo, Vice President of Finance hopes to receive the campus project support (CPS) applications by Feb. 12. CPS applications are accepted from departments and organizations that need additional funding for projects and equipment.

Each semester ASGCC sets aside $17,500 for campus organizations to use for activities. A maximum of $3,000 can be given to any one organization. Last semester, for example, Sarkis Ghazarian, a counselor in the Transfer Center, applied for CPS funding for university tours. Ghazarian has rented a bus for this semester that holds 56 passengers and will be transporting students to local campuses.

“It’s a first-come, first-served basis,” said Ghazarian, who attended the ASGCC meeting to report on his project. “Anyone who wants to, can attend.”

The finance committee also approved $1,250 for the Virginia

Casady Scholarship. “Whenever a long-term faculty member passes away,” said Victor Castellanos, ” a scholarship is made in their name and is given to qualified GCC students.”

“Some students on campus think that ASGCC doesn’t make a difference,” said Castellanos. “It is important for students to understand that we really do make things happen and have their best interest at heart.”

The Campus Activities Committee (led by Eugene Gonzalez, VP of Campus Activities) decided to post pictures of important black historical figures with a timeline for Black History Month. The timeline will be outside of the student center in February.

On Thursday, the committee played a recording of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in Plaza Vaquero to commemorate the month as well. The committee is planning other activities yet to be announced.

ASGCC also added six new members at their last meeting. The five members-at-large and one senator were sworn in after being voted in by the rest of the council.

In January, some members of ASGCC went on a three-day camping retreat in Ojai.

“As president, to see everyone working together makes me happy,” said Castellanos. “Now I know I can come back and work with them to get problems solved. Getting to know everyone better also makes each of us more compassionate to each other’s ideas.”