Analysis: Public Should Utilize GCC’s Voting Center

There is only one day left until midterm elections, which will take place tomorrow, Nov. 8. On the eve of this important event in the social and political life of the country, I want to remind our voters why it is important to fulfill your civic duty to go to the GCC voting center and take part in the elections.

The most important reason to vote is one of the primary constitutional rights of citizens, the right to elect and be elected, given to all Americans. The democratic principles of the structure of power and the state are implemented through free and open elections in the United States of America. The use of this right makes it possible to participate in the process of governing the state and directly influence the formation of government bodies. If you don’t like the existing official and, conversely, like a particular candidate, you can change him to someone you consider a more compelling candidate. And the more those who agree with you, the higher the chance to change the government bodies. The more voters participate in the voting and express their will, the more weighty this will be – it’s obvious!

If we want to change or improve something in today’s life, we must vote by mail, go to a voting center, and vote for the most worthy. No one will do it except us.

All registered voters are welcome to vote on General Election Day, Nov. 8, at Glendale Community College’s Student Center (SC212). As a polling place, GCC will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Those in line by the closing time have a right to vote.