GCC Club Rush Promotes Inclusivity

Event promotes student interests

GCC seeks to provide opportunities for students to express themselves through social activities. One of the most important is clubs. Club Rush took place on Sept. 12 to the 15th and many clubs promoted themselves to interested students. Some clubs included the Black Student Union (BSU), GCC Culture Club, and SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance).

These three clubs set out to educate students of GCC about their respective topics: the black experience, gender and sexuality inclusivity, and the many cultures of students at GCC. BSU explained that it seeks to provide a safe space for Black/African American students to unite, have a voice, and discuss culturally relevant experiences to create a sense of belonging, community, presence, and empowerment on the GCC campus.” Like many clubs BSU does not only accept black students into their club. BSU helps present and future black students feel like they belong and have others they can lean on for help. 

SAGA is a club that suggests that they seek to educate anyone who wants to be educated on the topic of gender and sexuality. We welcome everyone, both LGBTQIA+, and allies, to be a part of this club, create connections, and learn about one another,” the club says on their official page. SAGA also suggests that they seek to help students connect with their fellow students and make long-lasting friendships with their newfound knowledge of themselves and others. 

As for the GCC Culture Club, The purpose of the GCC Culture Club is to foster a safe and fun environment where individuals can share the traditions of their ethnic backgrounds and cultures with one another,” the club says on their official page. Like the other two clubs, the GCC Culture Club is open to minority groups and their cultures. The GCC Culture Club suggests that they seek to educate people on the vastness of different cultures of the world.

To learn more about different clubs at GCC, visit: https://www.associatedstudentsgcc.com/clublist