Understanding the Stock Market

Should you consider investing in stocks during Covid?

Have you ever considered putting your money into the world of buying shares and investing in the stock market? So have millions of people. However, the only thing that may stop them from investing is not knowing how to get started, or not understanding the trends at a given time. You could invest when a share’s demand is low and wait until prices rise after a period of time, though it depends on which companies you put your money into. You ultimately have to play a waiting game until the market goes up and then you can decide to buy more shares or sell them. It all depends on what’s called supply and demand, where you sell and buy as prices fluctuate and more people engage in purchases as well. 


A share of a stock is defined as having a piece of a company and making a profit off of it  as it increases in value.Investing into the stock market can teach you how to be responsible with your money and increase your profits as you invest and collect your earnings. 


Tech corporation stocks have risen slightly in value, and this is due to Wall Street turning to them to provide updates on research into potential Covid vaccines and other medicinal solutions. It is also stated that while many places are returning to shutdown procedures, some stocks are worth looking into and should be considered purchasable as a result of vaccine optimism, according to a CNBC article titled, “Stocks rise as Wall Street turns to tech for safety”. 


Many young adults and college students don’t take advantage of the opportunities stock market investments can provide. The stock market usually indicates how the economy is doing, and during the Covid pandemic, investments can be somewhat opportunistic and risky due to the volatile nature of the market, which can potentially cost people their livelihoods. Many people, however, are starting to invest in companies that are promoting a vaccine to the virus, and these stocks have skyrocketed in the past few weeks, with prices increasing with each waking day. Companies such as Moderna and Palantir are now known to have exceeded expectations of funding vaccine research. 


As mentioned before, college students and young adults may not have an interest in these types of expenditures, the reasons being that they just don’t know how to start or what businesses they can trust to make a profit off of. Investing in stocks depends on which companies you put money into, whether that is McDonald’s or Starbucks, two businesses where profits are high, especially with aggressive advertising and promotional campaigns that persuade people to visit their establishments. 


During a pandemic, people are going to feel uneasy about buying large, unless they know that they are going to be successful in avoiding the loss of huge sums of money. It is all up to those who consider making the push and entering the life of buying and selling stocks, and learning what all the buzz is about after the bell rings at 9:30 a.m. at the New York Stock Exchange. So to answer the question of whether you should consider investing in stocks during a pandemic, I’d say yes, because although we are dealing with a lot in the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your money to good use and bring home prosperity in the process.


Emil Arakelyan can be contacted at [email protected]