We Were Liars: Book Review

We Were Liars: Book Review

The Sinclairs family is perfect, they are an old, rich, and beautiful family where “no one is a criminal, no one is an addict and no one is a failure.” The three Sinclair cousins and their friend, Cadence, Johnny, Mirren, and Gat, also known as the Liars, have spent every summer together on the Sinclairs’ private island off the coast of Massachusetts

As the rest of the family fights over inheritance and property, Cadence and the liars just want a peaceful summer vacation. But after a terrible accident on their 15th summer, Cadence loses her memory and has to solve the mystery of what exactly happened to her and where the Liars were.

“We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart, is a hauntingly beautiful story of guilt, grief, love, and friendship. The reader learns right alongside Cadence, as she discovers each shocking

revelation that leads to an even bigger mystery. With a lot of Shakespearean undertones, Lockhart captures her audience with in- tense drama and the complication that comes with family ties.

She is able to show the uniqueness of the Sinclairs and their situations while still keeping a sense of familiarity that readers can connect to their own family. She has explored and commented in depth on what really makes a family bond.

While the book does occasionally get repetitive, especially towards the end, the overall story, plot twists are enough to keep a reader engaged. This is also despite how many times Cadence mentions how much she loves Gat, and she mentions it a lot.

What seems like a typical teen romance from the outside, is given a new perspective with the use of the astonishingly unexpected turns. The relationships of love, friendship, and family are all heavily tested after her accident.

So while the Sinclairs cover up their faults and Cadence works to uncover them, just remember “If anyone asks you how it ends, just lie.”