Sephora’s Hydrating Perk Facial

A service of no extra charge with a qualifying purchase of at least $75

As the beauty industry changes more and more, companies are starting to implement new beauty programs online and in stores. Beauty chain Sephora is now incorporating a new “perk” for any customer, which includes a 30-minute facial. The treatment involves cleansing and extractions, known to vacuum out pores and impurities. This costs $75 and qualifies as an in-store purchase.

So what is it and how does it work? A Sephora insider shared that the facial is designed to help hydrate, exfoliate and clean your face, all under 30 minutes. The process is suitable to anyone with any skin type, and is available on a walk-in basis, so no appointment is needed (depend- ing on your location). The only rule is that one must spend at least $75 on skincare products. Which makes sense, if you are highly satisfied with your facial, you might already be inclined to purchase some of what was used during your visit.

The Perk facial is also similar to their in-store offer which allows customers to spend at least $50 and includes a complimentary makeup application.

The facial process begins with a Sephora Skin Consultant addressing your skin concerns, such as asking about your skin type and so on. Based on the information you provide, they will then decide on what products to use on your skin. After that, the consultant will cleanse the skin preparing it for their Perk Machine, which has two roller balls attached at the tip and is used to penetrate serum back into the skin, all while extracting impurities, such as pores, dead skin cells, and oil.

Just how the machine extracts impurities, it also purifies the skin. The second roller ball tip helps infuse the face with hydrating rich antioxidants leaving the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

To continue, the facial is followed up by eye creams, moisturizers, and of course, some lip balm. The products used in the facial are not limited to any brand, they’re all based on the skin care consultant’s recommendations. Brands such as Origins, Dr. Brandt, Ole Henriksen, Keihs, could also be concluded in the facial based on skin needs.

The final step includes the application of foundation or SPF depending on the customer’s wish. Because most customers who come in, still want to shop around, this might be a huge advantage for you as well. Not to mention there is no downtime, the facial is gentle enough for makeup application right after, win-win!

For those who already shop at Sephora, this may be a great opportunity to shop for new makeup and get rewarded for it. If you are curious about this facial, the websites allow you to check your zip code and see if this perk if and where is being offered at any qualifying locations.