Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Shines

Eduardo Carreño, Staff Writer

We’ve seen film after film about the protector of Gotham City. From his upbringing to his legendary fight with the man who fears Kryptonite, Batman has been idolized for the last 80 years. It all started with Lewis G. Wilson. His nemesis, however, has slowly gained a fanbase that has marvelled at his cruelty and the reasons for it. First Jack Nicholson and then Heath Ledger. Now Joaquin Phoenix has reinterpreted a character that simply fascinates.

The Joker’s first-ever appearance was in the dawn of the golden age of comics in the  1940s. Batman was propelled into the limelight and we got a brief introduction to what became the biggest hero to anti-hero rivalry in history. The concept of the Joker was brought about by Jerry Robinson who really wanted there to be a challenge for the protagonist. Throughout the evolution of comics, the Joker has had various appearances and fights with the winged protector of the night. But it wasn’t until 1988 where we got a deep, inside truth of how “The Clown Prince of Crime” came to be in Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke.”

Joaquin Phoenix has set high standards for future actors and films to be based on the “Jester of Genocide.” The film has set new box office records for the October premiere of the film, with a $96 million dollar debut on its opening weekend.

The storyline tells the story of a mentally ill Arthur Fleck who makes a living as a party clown at a children’s hospital and children’s parties, and lives with his sick elderly mother. We learn more about his condition as he follows his passion for stand-up comedy, thanks to his inspiration Murray Franklin, played by Robert De Niro.

One fatal moment put him in the spotlight he’s been wanting but had no intention of pursuing. Arthur later comes to find out a very compelling rumor about his life which altered the relationship he had with his mother, and he begins resenting  his reason for being. “The Joker” is incredibly produced and recommended for anyone who is a fan of the franchise or interested in learning more. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting is terrific, and there have already been whispers of an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of the mad man. If you think Heath Ledger was amazing, Phoenix may blow your expectations out of the water.

Without giving too much away, Arthur goes out of his way to figure out why the letters his mom has been sending out to Thomas Wayne have such a significant value to her. He figures the only way to find out is to go out to his home estate on the outskirts of

town and ask him for himself. As soon as he arrives, he sees the house: a gorgeous, almost white house look to it with vibrant lights all around, as if it were a billboard promoting the latest and greatest movie of all time. Deep, rich, green plants and grass all around the front lawn and a straight stone path running down the middle of the yard lining up with a gorgeous water fountain right at the front doorstep. Arthur makes his way around the front of the gate and there was a young boy, staring at him with a blank expression

and his level of clown expertise, kicks in as he performs simple magic for the boy. When he finishes his act, he tells the boy to walk towards the gate and he asks him for his name. The boy replies, “Bruce.”