Antiperspirant Face Off

El Vaq staff writers test out Dove’s new aluminum-free deodorant versus their original

Kylie Shannon and Jordan Henry

We are constantly applying products onto our bodies without fully knowing the chemicals within them, from deodorants, body lotions and shaving creams. Furthermore, when it comes to aluminum free versus regular deodorants, there’s a big controversy of which is best. Two El Vaq staffers put two different deo’s to the test to find that out.

Before we present our testimonies about the products that we tried, here is a little background. The Dove Advanced Care deodorant has been a part of the brand for a while and contains an active ingredient of aluminum, which in its turn has raised big fuss among consumers. Studies suggest that aluminum doesn’t only clog one’s pores, decreasing oxygen and nutrient flow into the body, but according to the National Cancer Institute, many scientists suggest that “the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may contribute to the development of breast cancer, however there is no conclusive scientific evidence.”

Though more research is needed to confirm, the health conscious population has boycotted many products with aluminum. Perhaps why many companies began producing alternative deodorants without aluminum.
With the assumption in mind that aluminum free deo’s don’t work as well as regular deo’s do, Kylie Shannon used Dove’s zero percent Aluminum free deodorant. Jordan Henry, on the other hand, tried Dove’s original Advanced Care Deodorant.

After using the aluminum-free option, multiple times for a couple of weeks, Shannon concluded that it worked decently. For day-to-day activities, she found it worked well, without needing to reapply. However, when it came to exercising or increased physical activity, it had to be reapplied more than once. Depending on one’s preference, this can be a major drawback, especially if you tend to sweat more. Further concluding, this is still a great, affordable option for anyone who is interested in a safer alternative. However, if you are a gym addict per se, you might want to look into something other.

As for Henry, who a regular deodorant, she concluded that it worked fine, even during workouts. Henry, who takes a Zumba class three times a week and burns an average of 530 calories per session, felt it did a good job at keeping her fresh. Even after a hardcore workout and sweating, she felt that Dove Advanced Care deodorant really worked to contain the odor, however, she did not smell the sweet cucumber smell as much as when she first applied. Overall, she was very satisfied with the product, concluding that if you’re someone with an active lifestyle, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant could be the right one for you.
Depending on your choice of deodorant, lifestyle and body chemistry, both deodorants are excellent and wallet-friendly options to try out.