GCC Celebrates Persian New Year

The event became a memorable experience for those in attendance


Dylan Bryant

Students, faculty and guests celebrate the year of 1398.

Being a multicultural hub, Glendale Community College’s Persian Student Association (PSA) and the Associated Students (AS) brought spring festivities to campus on March 21. This time around, they were celebrating the Persian New Year known as Narooz.

Narooz, or “new day” is an ancient festival dedicated to the beginning of spring, marking the rebirth of nature. Naturally, celebrated with fresh and green foods, Narooz is a reminder that winter is not eternal.

The party started with singer Varand Avanesian and keyboard player Sarmen Garibian an impressive musical duo, who made sure that everyone was on their feet, dancing and having a good time and most importantly, embracing the Persian culture. GCC student and artist Elahe Zareh was also in attendance, who showcased beautiful art displays. The displays were hard to miss in the party room, showing people what the Persian culture withholds.

All around the room, tables were set up, serving snacks and refreshments. Among those, was the Haftseen or a ceremonial table, which was decorated by Bahareh Beheshti, highlighting seven items, representing a the common message or value of spring renewal. Beauty, good health, patience, fertility, rebirth, prosperity are all things that embody what spring is all about.

After countless hours of preparations since the winter semester, PSA and other organizers felt that the event was a success, especially after seeing that every last chair was filled up. The event had a successful turnout with over 200 in attendance, dancing, singing and simply having a good time.

Natalie Honarchian, president of PSA was among those to organize the event.  “The turnout was great,” Honarchian said. “All of the people we expected to come, came.” Honarchian felt that the event could not have been pulled off without Club adviser Sharis Davoodi who coordinated the details by reaching out to entertainers and guests.

“This year I felt a lot of faculty and staff collaborated together to make our students feel like home, and feel like they can celebrate a wonderful event together,” Davoodi said.

Davoodi went on to express her gratitude for the rest of the team who supported this exciting project. Among those were, Human Resources, Business faculty and Garfield Campus.