The Sounds of Tomorrow

Building bridges between the underground music scene and the Angelenos


Alexander Sampson

Homies Only brings together a group of empowering youth to bond over music.

As the the world changes, there are many tropes that remain infinite. One of these tropes being the progression of music within a rich underground scene.

The underground, while being easier to find, has flourished under the changes brought on by the internet. This change has allowed for anyone from around the world to discover a sound or aesthetic that truly speaks to them, thus connecting them in a way that was impossible before.

An underground scene can now claim international renown before ever being accepted by radio-level airplay, in some cases even ignoring traditional radio to remain true to their sound. That’s where “Soulection” comes in.

Flourishing under this new age of technology is “Soulection” radio.

“There’s really no format. Im all about not following a format.” said “Soulection” radio cofounder Jo Kay.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2011, “Soulection” began as a music called future bass.“‘Soulection’ is what I call a swiss-army knife, it’s a very modern experiment,” said Kay.

“There’s really no format. I’m a about not following a format,” said “Soulection” radio cofounder Jo kay.Their sound grew bigger and bigger using Soundcloud as their main platform, ironically enough creating a format for similar startups to follow.

Starting off local, the collectives first call to fame began with their original residency in Echo Park’s Echoplex, renowned for its ties to the music underground. For years the Echoplex has hosted many successful startups with “Soulection” being a gleaming star on that list.

“Soulection’s” time at the Echoplex ended due to their growing fame, however. Switching residency, The legendary Regent theatre in downtown Los Angeles beame the collective’s new home sparking a change in “Soulection’s” career. Shortly after the switch, “Soulection’s” radio show found a new home in Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio, leaving London-based, allowing their sound to reach a large number of fresh ears.

A beautiful juxtaposition from my time within the scene, fresh ears are now what pack the lines of “Soulection” shows that sell out weeks in advance with lines circling the block. I have had the pleasure of attending these shows since their time at the Echoplex and watched them grow into the force they are now. My first show left me with such an amazing feeling as I got to relax and vibe to jazzy with everyone else around me. It was an intimate event in 2013 that left you exhilarated. Fast forward to 2015 and the size of the shows have changed but one thing remains constant, the feel-good vibes were here to stay. Even with increased audience size, “Soulection” still propels itself forward with  its signature sound, making sure its purpose is never forgotten.

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