Halsey Takes Us to the Badlands

She has opened up for Imagine Dragons and will tour with The Weeknd this month, but on Nov. 18 Halsey performed one of her two sold-out shows at The Fonda Theatre.

The electro-pop singer released her first LP back in August, “Badlands,” which has made her a successful newcomer into the world of music. She landed a few hours before the show from New York, as she performed “The Feeling,” a track she is featured on Bieber’s comeback album “Purpose.”

As the lights were dimmed and the chords of “Gasoline” began, Halsey gracefully walked on stage ready to rock out with 1,200 of her dedicated fans. Full of energy, she had no problem bouncing from one side of the stage to the next. The audience was hooked.

After the first five songs, Halsey said “I put on this serious attitude when I sing these songs and I tell myself ‘relax they’re not even that serious.’” That’s when the New Jersey native transitioned into her upbeat love track “Roman Holiday.”

Halsey never fails to assure her fans how thankful she is for their dedicated support. She shared that when “Badlands” was released, a performance was scheduled that night in Los Angeles. She said that she was shocked that every fan in attendance already knew all the words to the fresh tracks.

“If anyone tells you they love you, just know nobody loves you like I f—king love you,” Halsey said.

Her eclectic vocals took us into the emotion-filled track “Drive.” The theatre was filled with cellphone flashlights, per her request on this song, as she sang the chorus. The song takes us into the world where two lovers keep their relationship distinct, careful not to make the first move, yet inevitably enjoying each other’s presence and silently pleading for more.

Halsey illustrated she is not afraid of expressing her true feelings. At one point into the show, she gave a specific shout out to any industry executives in the audience: If they don’t sing along, or enjoy her music, “they can get the f–k out.”

The performance of  “Ghost” had an interesting introduction.  She announced that her expressive commentary got her into trouble backstage, but she didn’t dwell on it any longer, as she went straight into the song. Faces all around were not surprised because they knew this is the Halsey they fell in love with from the start.

Then the moment came where many fans love to see live, her most successful single to date, the performance of “New Americana.”

The generational anthem starts out with Halsey’s vibrant vocals, which stay low in key until the chorus kicks in, as she chants defiantly over an intense drum beat, “We are the new Americana, high on legal marijuana, raised on Biggie and Nirvana, we are the new Americana.”

Confetti flew around, but not just any confetti, they were fake $100 bills shooting in the air with Halsey as the president next to the words “Badlands United.”  

As she thanked the crowd and ran backstage, fans immediately chanted her name for an encore. Within a few minutes she hopped back on for one more song. “Young God” skillfully wrapped up the 15-song set list.
At just 21, Halsey has a created an image that depicts an independent, strong and talented artist. Her debut album alone has brought in a huge fan base and it will continue to grow. We landed in the Badlands and we are here to stay.