Montrose Christmas Parade – Exclusive Slideshow Coverage


Rebecca Krueger, El Vaquero Staff Writer

Rain did not stop the 36th annual Montrose Christmas Parade on Dec. 1.

The parade started in the Honolulu and Rosemont Avenue intersection and had more than 150 supporters. The assortment of supporters ranged from GCC and Glendale Water and Power to Crescenta Valley Weekly and several local businesses.

The cars and streets were decorated with Christmas lights and tinsel as middle school and high school bands from all over the district played Christmas songs and cheerleading squads performed different routines. Children sang and danced in the rain along with their chaperons.

Slideshow Media Credit: Chantal Bevard

Larger local commercial business joined in. Trader Joe’s employees pushed shopping carts filled with boxes of food down the slippery road, encouraging the crowd to liven up despite the tiring weather.

The Robotics Team from St. Francis High School showed its first working robot. The robot, also decorated in Christmas lights, was rolled down the streets, throwing toilet paper at the tailing club members.

Other Crescenta Valley High School clubs joined in with a bike club that rode in two symmetrical ovals down the road and miniature motorcycles decorated with vibrant lights that drove down the street.

Soaked parade participants would join their friends and family on the sideline.

The best was saved for last. Santa drove by atop a fire truck from the Glendale Fire Department and all the kids in the audience erupted into cheers and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Watching all of the participants smile, sing and dance despite the cold rain brought a therapeutic energy to the crowd that stayed to watch their neighbors, family and friends march in the Montrose Christmas Parade.