Campus Comments Dec. 07

MELISSA PONCE, 18, Criminal Justice“I do know that it would help them out because they pay more than students that are citizens. I think it’s really a good thing for them.”


DARCY COTTO, 18, Undecided“Well, what I think is that if they work hard for it and they deserve it, why not? What bad can come from them going to school and learning? It’s bettering the society.”
BRIAN MONGE, 18, Fire Technology“Well, um, they’re getting the education and everyone else has to pay for it. But looking at it morally and being kind, I’m not looking for them to lose the same opportunities that we have.”


ARVIN PARAN, 22, Criminal Justice“No! I don’t think that’s right. That’s cheating the system. Why don’t they go through the process? I was from the Philippines. I had to get my visa, my green card then become a US citizen.”