Sierra Vista Ready June 2017- Maybe


Sal Polcino

IT’S STILL A PUZZLE: As the pieces slowly come together, the latest claim is that the Sierra Vista building will be ready by June 2017. The multi-million dollar project originally had a completion date of December 2015.

The Sierra Vista building update, Measure GC results and dual enrollment were discussed at the board of trustees meeting on Nov. 15 at Kreider Hall.

College President David Viar presented the victory for Measure GC—the successful local ballot measure that promises to provide Glendale College with $325 million in bond funds for infrastructure repairs and construction.

“We got a resounding message from the voters in support of Glendale Community College,” Viar said. “As of today, 36,241 people voted ‘yes’ and 13,435 people voted ‘no’ for a 73 percent plurality.” It far succeeded the 55 percent needed to pass.

“I think it shows that the citizens of our community recognize the high quality of work being done by our faculty and staff, and our focus on student access and student success,” Viar said.

Ricardo Perez, vice president of student services, presented the topic of dual enrollment for its first reading. It was recommended to the board that they sign a memorandum of understanding with the Glendale Unified School District in order to implement dual enrollment.

Currently, GCC offers two types of dual enrollment to high school students.

“The first is the Jumpstart program, which allows high school students to take up to six units here at Glendale Community College,” Perez said. “The other program offers GCC classes at the high schools after school hours.”

Assembly Bill 288, which was enacted Jan. 1, allows the board of a community college district to enter into a partnership with the board of a school district. This new agreement will allow high school students to enroll up to 15 units of college courses in their high school during regular school hours.

This will also help in the problem of enrollment because high school students enrolling in these classes will count toward the college’s Full Time Equivalent Students. The number of FTES determines the state funding that the school will receive.

A second reading regarding this issue will be held on the December meeting before the board decide to give its approval.

The board of trustees also unanimously voted on approving a $265,046 increase on the contract price for the Sierra Vista building. The charges are due to unforeseen extra costs in putting up the new building.

Anthony Culpepper, vice president of administrative services, also answered questions from the board regarding updates on Sierra Vista.

“We are projecting that by June 2017, before fall, we should have access,” Culpepper said. “We are continually putting pressure on Traveler’s and other subcontractors.”

He also explained that due to problems and delays, the building’s completion went from 95 percent to 75 percent.

When asked for informational reports regarding the building, Viar said that the school administration is not able to release information on the Sierra Vista building.

“What we have been asked to do by the legal counsel that is representing us in all of this, is not to place information in the agenda or for public discussion because of potential for litigation,” Viar said.

“There will be a closed session planned for the December board meeting where the attorneys will be able to discuss with the board all of the matters that relate to pending, as well as litigation that has already been started.”