The California Primary Elections are Over. Did you vote?


Every vote counts!

Hillary Clinton has taken an insurmountable lead in the Democratic race and is officially the presumptive candidate.

The senate seat vacated by Barbara Boxer . Out of the 34 candidates, California has voted for two minority women in a race so close it will come down to a runoff election.

Attorney General Kamala Harris and 10-term Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will battle it out in November.

With just late ballots to be counted, it appears that Californians have voted yes on Measure 50, the anti-corruption measure that gives lawmakers the right to suspend pay to offenders.

Glendale’s Measure N has been voted down. This measure would have amended the City’s Municipal Code by repealing the UUT on gas, electric and water service in its entirety.

The funds are paid into the City’s General Fund. General Fund revenues are budgeted by the City Council annually for general City services, such as police and fire protection, 9-1-1 emergency

response, parks, libraries, and street maintenance and repairs. If approved by a majority of Glendale voters, Measure “N” would amend the City’s Municipal

Code by repealing the UUT on gas, electric and water service in its entirety. This measure is on the ballot because a number of residents circulated a petition and obtained

sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot under California Elections law.