Surviving Coachella Music Festival


Coachella 2015

Spring break is just around the corner and that means Coachella! Two full weekends of concerts, food and fun begin on April 15.

Inexperienced Coachella attendees shouldn’t go in blindfolded. It’s crucial to know the essentials of enduring the three-day weekend, which is why a guide for surviving Coachella has been created below:

Haven’t bought a ticket yet? $375 is the face value for a General Admission ticket. To buy tickets, Craigslist and StubHub are your main options.

If buying from Craigslist, be wary of scammers and be sure to register the wristband on-the-spot to ensure validity. If not, StubHub is your safest bet.

Generally, ticket prices online usually cost more than face value, but prices should drop the longer you wait.

Now; how much more money do you need? A reasonable budget would be approximately $150 for the weekend, spending $50 a day. If you’re not drinking, it could be half that.

The price of water is $2; Food is $8 to $15; and alcoholic drinks range from $7 to $10.

Tips for the weekend:

Stay hydrated! Instead of paying for water, gather 10 empty water bottles and exchange it for a free cold water at a refilling station.
Arrange a schedule for artists you want to see and also, branch out from your comfort zone. Arrive early and leave late to get more than your money’s worth.

Communicate among your friends by setting up a group message and a meeting spot for when you’re leaving to your parking spots, taking a break from the crowd or heat.

Dress accordingly and bring a bandana or a scarf for dust storms. Plus, you can soak it to keep cool during the day. Don’t forget to be courteous and responsible.

What to avoid:

Avoid being close-minded to diversify the performances you attend. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and exclude wearing shoes that aren’t broken in.

Refrain from being high-maintenance and having high expectations.
Most importantly, don’t over-do it. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Noteworthy foods to satisfy your taste buds: Spicy Pie; Crab Fries; Watermelon Slices; Gyros; and a grilled cheese consisting of French toast, bacon and maple syrup.

To fully take advantage of the Coachella experience, camping is the best decision.

Car and Tent Camping passes are $99 each.
To get organized, create a list of needs on a Facebook group or a Google Doc with your friend group.

Items you’ll need: Camping material, food and drinks, clothes suitable for hot and cold weather, and health and hygiene substances. Just in case, be sure to pack extra of the essentials.

Remember to immerse yourself into the energy and atmosphere around you. The scenery shouldn’t be taken for granted, from enjoying the beautiful sunsets and unexpected breeze to admiring the extravagant art and delighted festival-goers.

Being open to new artists and meeting new people will surprise you. It’s the serendipities that make Coachella great.

And if money is tight, and the lineup doesn’t meet your needs, know that Coachella doesn’t have to be all about music – albeit you owe it to yourself to discover new music – it can be about gaining different perspectives and connections from the people you meet too. Happy Coachella!