Film Festival Deadlines Approach


Julio Espino

Tomik Ghoukasian on set.

The Glendale Film Collective invites aspiring filmmakers to participate in their second annual Student Film Festival later this year.

The festival kicks off on Oct. 15 and ends with an award ceremony on Oct. 17. The first two nights are free and open to the public/ During this time,  programmers and judges watch and read each of the films/screenplays.

Those who want to attend on Saturday will be provided with refreshments before the winners are announced and must pay a fee.

They accept international, national or local films,  in addition to web series entries, short shorts, new media animation and other student films. Genres range from comedy or drama to sci-fi. The  film, short or screenplay submissions can include an unusual idea related to science, research, technology or the environment.

Julio Espino, president of the Glendale Film Collective, is expecting more submissions and attendees this time around, including a handful of returning submitters from last year’s festival.

“I want everyone to come enjoy the films made by people who are not professionals, but still create great work,” Espino said.

While the event is held in the fall,  Espino recommends students start submitting their work now.

Early bird submissions are accepted through July 24 with a fee of $15. Regular submissions are welcome July 25 through Sep. 1 with a $25 fee. The late submission deadline is Sep. 21 and costs $35.

Espino hopes that participating in this event will encourage students to submit their work in bigger film festivals and take advantage of the opportunity.