Campus Gets Funky


Sal Polcino

Student Services Technician Suzanna Sargsyan leads students, friends and faculty in a choreographed remix of Uptown Funk. Media Arts students were on hand to film the event on Monday at Plaza Vaquero..

To jumpstart the campus from its usual Friday slumber, the ASGCC had students, faculty and even President David Viar shake it down to “Uptown Funk” on March 20.

With aspirations to advertise the college through social media as a fun and lively place, Students Services Technician Suzanna Sargsyan and Student Body President Francisco Aguilar set out to create a Glendale College music video for Bruno Mars’ hit song.

“We thought of doing something fun like this for the campus and we thought it would be a great way to get students, faculty, staff administrators to collaborate and really just show how fun GCC is,” Sargsyan said.

Just before noon more than 35 participants gathered at Plaza Vaquero and San Gabriel Plaza to dance for the cameras and bystanders amusement during the two main shoots of the day.

Due to the need of camera angles and some ill-timed landscaping to the lawn behind Plaza Vaquero, Sargsyan decided to schedule reshoots, which took place Monday and will take place again on April 7. Students are invited to participate in these electrifying video shoots.

“I am a part of the whole college, and it is fun to participate with everybody when we are having a good time.” Viar said. “It is fun to have fun at GCC!”