Lab/College Services Building is on Track – Exclusive Time Lapse Coverage


Making progress: Workers continue to pour the foundation for the new Lab/College Services building.

Sal Polcino, Staff Writer

Construction of the Lab/College Services building continues through the summer as the pouring of the foundation on the north end and the interior walls is progressing.

Rebar is being set daily and the lower level walls on the south end are complete. Prep work has begun to form the walls for the third level.

At Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Vice President of Administrative Service Ron Nakasone reported that the college has settled claims from Mallcraft Construction and Curtis Drilling for additional costs incurred when drilling and sinking the foundation piles produced water leakage in the bedrock. The original claim requested was $554,000 for the additional work, but was settled for $250,000. Nakasone said that this should be the last of any extra costs due to unforeseen problems.

The slideshow images represent work done from July 7 thought August 20

Slideshow Media Credit: Richard Kontas

The college has filed an appeal with the state to try and recoup the unforeseen cost over-runs. A summary was submitted to the Chancellor’s office claiming $1,385,561 in additional costs at the end of June and will be presented to the Department of Finance for approval.

Project completion is still scheduled for late 2015.