The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Jenilee Borek and Michael Dumansky

October 2, 2019

Football is almost considered a religion for many Americans. It’s a sport that is ingrained in our culture, and many American children soak up every ounce they can as they work towards their dream of making it to the divisi...

 Memories were created, as the honorees and guests gathered on a stage to celebrate all that is yet to come to GCC’s Athletic Department.

Honoring Years of Legacy

October 25, 2018

Haley Tsarofski has helped lead the GCC women’s soccer team to a 4-1-1 record this season. She has five goals in six games this year while playing a variety of positions for the Lady Vaqs.

Making A Comeback

October 3, 2018

Chris Cicuto, his father, John Cicuto, and former football coach, Jim Sartoris, come together.

Building Another Legacy

September 19, 2018

Michael Dumansky